What the hell is this Love….

Being in Love is like being hunger 

When you love someone we want them to love us back isn’t it? Yes! it is natural to expect love in return. The most core need of a human is to be loved a desire to be wanted!

You know you in love when you feel butterflies in your stomach, when your start loving the rain, when every romantic song is for you, when there little gifts make your day, when a msg from them keeps you smiling and he you universe starts revolving around them and all you want is their acceptance, reciprocation of your love, a wish that they feel the same for you as you do for them.

 The desire is like hunger. And for that very want of them you ready to invest you time, love, energy, money you emotions. Hoping wishing and wanting that someday you will get in return the love you desire .

But what happens when this love is never returned? What happens when you just becoming and emotional withdraw bank for someone with no investment made in return?

There is no one answer for it but for most people they just hold on!

Humans have this tendency of holding on to the rope of hope (which although a positive attitude) but all life situations aren’t the same one needs to know when to cut off this rope and set ones self free. Unfortunately for many  we wait for love to come, we hold on for months and years and years but I never comes from that person who we want it from.

So for all those who are in love and are not sure about the feelings of the one you love. Confront them. Tell them what you feel. Know where you stand. Because no matter what you do how much you invest in them if they don’t love you they will not. After waiting for years you will realise how emotional empty you have becoming for you have invested so much in a person who has so little to return. Rejection is better than regret

So when you see red flags in a relationship and when it’s clear that the opposite person is not ready to invest in you be wise investment as much as they invest or you would be moving towards a stage of emotional emptiness, where you will have nothing left to give and feel lonely and isolated by the very person who you gave so much.

Like food is tastier when you hungry love is beautiful when it’s desired. Waiting for days to eat food after you are hungry is suicidal similarly waiting for years for that one person to  love you is harmful.

And for those who think people who have invested in you will keep doing this life long beware love and emotions have their own  time limit although this time limit is completely subjective for some it’s few months for others it can take few years but just like hunger subsides their  desire for you will also subsided and they will get indifferent to you or regret your presence. So don’t play with peoples emotions and love. For unrequited love is not weakness it strength.


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