Is this internship or slavery?

I understand that getting a job is a great achievement and internship is the stepping stone in field of law, but my intention never lied in taking up a job I always wanted to work independently as an advocate.

The excitement to learn landed me with a senior advocate.I was appointed on a no pay internship but still happy that I was taking my first step towards becoming an independent lawyer. it was a dream come true. I gave my very best, attended regular, tried to learn as much, read as much I could and be a great student.

Thing were fantastic until one dark day when my senior who is known for having a short temper  fired his ONLY, employee who was my only friend, colleague, companion at work place for no fault of hers. The firing was uncalled for, she was insulted and accused and was left in tears. Thereafter she decided too quit the job which she was into for 6 long years.

On the last day at work she informed me that I was the cause of all the wrong caused to her.  At first I did not agree being shocked at her words as I never understood what those words meant.

 But as time passed the actually story unfolded it came to my understanding that my senior on purpose fired her so that he could employee me in her place at a much lesser or no pay(as i was an intern). All her words were now making sense. But now i was stuck.

As she left my senior started burdening me with all the work. Which at most time was monotonous. I was not allowed to attend arguments or hearing but made to do mundane work such as correcting grammatical errors in a draft, waiting for hours for matters being called and then inform my senior about it, sitting for hours when my senior was busy and being shouted at for things i had no knowledge of.  Worse was I had be all alone every single day with n company, no friends no colleague and no pay. From a student I had become a  slave.

With no one to talk to and no one to ask the work become a burden. Each working day was longer and dull where I sat quietly on the bench all alone with papers the whole time. With my senior now shouting and scolding me for little mistake I felt suffocated

One fine day I informed my senior that I would just continue as an intern and he should appoint someone more permanent for him day to day work. I was hoping that this would get him the msg that I am more interested in learning than ‘doing mundane work. At first he showed-off how the whole world was dying to work with him but he had refused them all since he had employed me, thus requested that I continue on a daily basis with him till he finds someone permanent, to which I agreed.

It’s been one month since then and he hasn’t employed any one new. I have been working for him without money for months. Last few days I have been busy with my personal work due to which I was unable to attend his work, he was furious, he messaged me that I should discontinue with him if I am too busy with my personal work…

“OH YAAAAA grab the opportunity a it comes  😉


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