Bus ño.62- life lesson

Sometimes life teaches you great lessons not by bringing in big events but by making you face some hurdles.One just need to stop, notice, think and understand..

I am an intern at a law court in Mumbai my job requires me to reach work on time, I’m sure all jobs do ;). having been travelling on the same route for sometime now I always complained about not having a direct bus… actually never catching the direct bus..We just have one bus i.e. Bus 62 which would directly stop at my destination and if I  miss the bus which I always do. I  has to change 2 buses to reach the court.

Changing the buses itself can be a tedious task involving waiting at the bus stops in scotching sun followed by crowded bus  and then  walking a minimum of 10 min in the heat to catch the next bus from a different bus stop. The process is time consuming, can get one irritated and even dehydrated. Who wishes to start a day this way? But I did every single day.

 I complained and cursed the transport system,the roads the traffic, the frequency of the bus until I found myself complaining about it all to my parents on how I had to change two buses and how it was so irritating and what a bad system we had.

They were now concerned on how much I was going through just to reach  my workplace they gave me a simple advice which completely changed my mornings.They asked me to do research sources like internet to check the bus timing online before leaving

Many who do not know the Indian Public transport system may think that it was such common sense..But let me inform that almost 95 percent of people (being specific of Mumbai) would not know the bus timing or wouldn’t have bus schedule.We never had such a thing!!! We learn the bus timing by standing on the bus stop waiting endlessly everyday over a period of days and learn what time the bus arrives that too no guarantee that the bus would arrive everyday on the same time. It’s just complicated!!!

Lack of GPRS system for live bus tracking or a schedule board on the bus stop would have helped and made life easier but unfortunately we don’t have such facilities neither it seems to be happening really soon.:(

I did not want to take my parents advice altough I complaimed, but since they were insisting I logged in on the net just to prove them wrong that we still aren’t all that advanced but what I saw embarrassed  and ashamed me. They were so correct. Online I found  what is called the bus schedule of BEST buses which stated the approximate time the bus would reach various stops. I was surprised we had such an update available.

I couldn’t thank my parents enough Finally got my first 62 after 3 months travelling on that same route although I had to wait extra 7 min over and above the time specified in the schedule I was too happy when I got my first 62 😁

Lessons I learn ?

  • We must share our problems with our parents because through their experience they can give the most valuable and effective advice.
  • We should stop blaming everyone for our problems. 
  • A little research prior saves a lot of time and discomfort.
  • There is always a solution to our daily issues one must take initiative to find solutions, complaining will not help.


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