I Can’t change it ..

For a while I have been reading blogs and watching videos to understand and answer questions which I am sure most of us look out for, such as How I can make life better? How do I  becoming more successful? What changes should make to change my situation? Where to start?

Offcourse there is so much information available online that you can have a pool of it and still not know where and what to start with. Here I like to share my personal input as to what I have learnt this far and what one should start with and set the ball rolling.(in brief)

All books, video  and audios which talk about success and change have something very common, and something so common that we all know about but we tend to forget the principal i.e Can’t Change It

Yes accepting the fact that I Can’t change it.

Let me explain, Can’t change it principle. One must always keep reminding him/erself that I can’t change things which are not in my control or which are not in my hand e.g I can’t change how cars move if I’m stuck in traffic. I can’t change how someone feels for me. I cant change the weather as per my needs.I can’t change government policies even if I don’t agree with them.I can’t change the deal line I have already missed. I can’t change my boyfriend cheated on me. I can’t change the fact I have lost a loved one.

If one is stuck in a situation no matters how frustrating it is or how bad one feel about it one need to accept the present circumstances.

Acceptance is the key…when you accept the circstance you remind yourself that this is my present situation my current fact and no amount of  grief, frustrating, irritation, cursing, sulking can change the past which has put me in this circumstance. No one can change the past but can decided how to live in the present and change the future.

Secondly  of the 24hrs do not give more than 5 minutes of you life cribbing and complaining about situation you in. The more time you dwell over negativity, the more you think over and over on how miserable things are, more energy is wasted in the wrong place giving you no results. Instead one must focus on how to change or get out of the  situation the positive sides, think about what I can do next to bring about change and if you cannot do much you need to just relax and be patient for things to change themselves…

To be continued….
Just a thought: So next time you stuck in traffic don’t spend hours complaining on how bad roads are and how crazy traffic is instead plan to leave early next time for now just on the music and enjoy your journey…Accept what you cant change



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