I’m scared yet again…

I have no idea why I feel this strange fear before I start anything new I don’t even know for sure what is it founded on.

I am a procrastinator at times. I procrastinate situations and events till I have no choice but to face them. Today I am in a similar situation, it’s been around 9 months and I haven’t had the courage to get back to work. I was always easy for me to find an excuse why I shouldn’t go back and join the firm I was previously interning at. The firm as been kind enough to give me an opportunity to join them whenever  I wish to after completing my studies and It’s been 9 months since I’m done with my education but I never had the courage to get back to them.

But a few days back I decided otherwise, i picked up the phone and arranged for a meet up with the head of the firm requesting him to allow me to join the firm once again. Finally today I am supposed to be meeting him and finalizing my job post. But I am a too scared, my mind keeps playing excuses as to why I should delay things, It tells me how I will be thrown out of my comfort zone and how I will have no me time. How my other goals will be affected. What if I am not able to prove myself there? Will it be easy to integrate? What if I don’t enjoy it?

But with all the doubt fear and anxiety I have to take a  decision….

Wish me luck..


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