The F word “Fat”

It’s was early morning and it started with my dad’s concern on why I am yet single, to his understanding and calculation I am too lazy and overweight, and too carefree for a guy to fall head over heels in love with me…Or even accept me in an arrange marriage.

What started as a concerned turned in to a discussion and then an argument followed by me feeling hurt, depressed,pressurized, and embarrassed and he feeling sorry.

This conversation shouldn’t have happened; but if it had not I wouldn’t have been writing this post.

My father loves me a lot and is deeply concerned, he wants me to get settle soon and his concern sometime gets him frustrated. Such situations are not isolated, everyday thousands of girls go through this pressure and many suffer body shaming just because they don’t fit in the ideal body size of a not so ideal man. Marriage become a problem  and parents and relatives try to solve it by manipulating, forcing you to subtract weight, add beauty and end up with a great figure if possible overnight.

Not to miss pointing out that I’m not obese I may be overweight by 7-8kg but the fact remains I’m FAT.

It takes a lot of courage to call oneself Fat it’s the “f” word  no one ones wants to hear or be associated with. Fat is ugly and fat is lazy, fat is undesirable and fat is a curse. The social tags are too harsh but acceptance is the way thus I’m the fat Indian chick trying to find myself in this skinny world.

Just a thought: what if  since childhood I was taught how not be fat, than being taught how to be kind, honest,hard-working and all those moral science values which have no value today..May be I would have been married by now….because at the end of the day JO DEKHTA HAI WOHI BIKTA HAI!!


*views are personal


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  2. This is the total opposite of my story. I have spent more than half of my life in hostel(still not out!) So I was really thin and when I look at my old pics I laugh at myself. Everyone asked my parents, why I was so thin. So I actually love being called fat(sounds strange I know)…But as years passed I gained weight and now Im happy the way I am, just the correct weight according to my height.
    Now coming to the marriage part, I don’t think I have any right to judge your feelings, it’s a big question mark in your head I know. You are a really open person, to write about your sorrows in a blog isn’t an easy thing. Specially in this world where people are judged based on their shortcomings.
    Be open because one day the man God made for you will come to read you.

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    1. That was such a inspiring and comforting reply thank you😁…It really took me a lot of courage to put this up here… my idea is to represent the thoughs and frustration of lot of indian girls who go through arrange marriages even with the highest education, morals and values. society and culture sets stereotypes make it difficult for most women n girls by labelling them according to their size colour, shape etc….marriage is demanding…If ur fat they want thin, if ur thin they want you fat, if ur dark they want fair, if ur short they want tall and if ur tall they prefer short, if you working they want homely and if you homely they want you working lol. 😂

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      1. It is confusing indeed. Actually I feel I should be calling you Didi! Isn’t it? …

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      2. 😁 I will be glad

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  3. Thank you everyone for visiting my first blog 😁😁


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